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Christine Lukovich Schindler

Embracing My Unfinished Life

Self doubt has been a constant companion throughout my life, yet in the background lived my mother’s proclamation that I could do and be anything. One day, my story began to reveal itself to me, and I decided to write a book.

I realized that many times, I didn't listen to what my body knew. I overlooked subtle and not-so-subtle flags and ignored my uneasiness about a situation. I let my optimism avoid the truth; my inner wisdom.


There are many reasons for this that I am now aware of, like the fear of losing something, living in uncertainty, or feeling a sense of responsibility to others. I am more conscious now than ever. 

My First Book is Coming Soon!

Unfinished: Unlock Your Superpowers, Live with Purpose, and Discover Limitless Possibilities

Are you swimming in self-doubt right now? Are change and fear overwhelming you? It’s okay! It means you’ve got something deep inside that’s excited to come out; you are not finished yet!

Join me and embrace your Unfinished Life!

days until launch!

Enjoy eBooks?

Pre-sale orders of Unfinished are available NOW

and will be automatically delivered to you on May 6.

Phil Gerbyshak
Author, Sales Expert, and RecoveringSelf-doubter

Packed with relatable stories and helpful exercises, Unfinished encourages and guides us to understand and accept who we really are. If you want to be your best, most authentic, this book is for you. 

Susan K. Wehrley
Life & Busines Coach,

Unfinished is a book that will keep you captivated until the end, as it is filled with authentic stories and tips to help you meet your true self in the present moment with grace and acceptance of life’s perfect unfoldment. 

My Book & Story

Enjoy my first interview

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